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Greek as a Second Language for Children


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Course description – instructor: Marina Tzakosta

The goal of the course is twofold: it aims to help students, first, obtain writing, reading and basic everyday life communicative skills in Greek, and, second, be equipped with the necessary knowledge so as to develop an advanced conversation on specialized scientific topics of their interests. In order to meet our goals, we will use a combined bottom-up and top-down method of language learning and language teaching. More specifically, the focus will initially be on the phonological/ phonetic properties of the Greek language system (bottom-up method) as opposed to the phonological/ phonetic properties of English. Deep understanding of the differences and similarities among Greek and English will lead students to better develop their pronunciation skills. In addition, we will make use of the communicative approach of learning and teaching (top-down method) and based on the syntactic and semantic traits of Greek we will provide students with the necessary linguistic tools in order to detect the mechanisms which lead word formation and, consequently, vocabulary development.

The course will be enriched with outdoors cultural visits in order to enhance students’ knowledge of the Greek civilization and the Greek society as indirect aspects affecting the delivery of a linguistic system.

June 2018

DIAS CULTURAL PROGRAM (optional – No cost to student)

GREEK FOLK DANCES - intensive courses.

FOLK MUSIC at “Odeion Mountakis” Hands on musical instruments (Lyra – Laouto - Mandolino)